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I believe one of the greatest gifts is the gift of knowledge. As a medical herbalist, I am passionate about teaching, guiding and empowering people to be masters of their own health using the healing power of nature,

“vis medicatrix naturae”. 


Meet Lee

Lee Carroll is a leading medical herbalist, innovator, speaker, educator and mentor with over 30 years experience in the herbal industry, 20 years teaching Herbal Medicine to health care professionals and 9 years in private practice.


In clinic, Lee helps patients achieve optimal health through his personalised, practical and effective science-based herbal medicine solutions. 

As an educator, Lee has helped and guided thousands of health care professionals to achieve mastery of the practice of western herbal medicine. 

Functional Herbal Therapy
Functional Herbal 
Therapy Course

My Functional Herbal Therapy FHT program puts you on the fast-track to a clinically relevant, thoroughly comprehensive, and practical understanding of contemporary science-based western herbal medicine WHM. It addresses all body systems and offers guidance to address the most common health challenges and diseases.


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