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About Lee

About Lee

Lee is a leading medical herbalist, innovator, speaker, educator and mentor with over 30 years’ experience in the herbal industry, 20 years teaching herbal medicine to health care professionals and 8 years in private practice.  

Over the course of his long career, Lee has helped thousands of people transform their health and lives through his insightful, personalised, practical and effective herbal medicine solutions. 

In clinic Lee artfully combines the best of traditional western herbal medicine within a framework of contemporary bio-medical science and research. 

As an educator, Lee empowers his patients and practitioners alike with his unique ability to summarise and communicate complex health issues. 

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Lee is a full member of the Naturopaths and Herbalists Association of Australia. NHAA was founded in 1920 and is Australia’s oldest professional association of complementary therapists. 



Bachelor of Health Science (Western Herbal Medicine), BHSc (whm). 2009-2013. Endeavour College of Natural Health, Brisbane, Australia 

Bachelor of Science (Botany), BSc. 1979-1983. Melbourne University, Parkville, Australia 

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MediHerb 1990 to 2001 

  • First production manager 

  • Operations manager 

  • Research and development manager 

MediHerb 2001 – 2009 (based in USA) 

  • U.S. business manager 

  • Practitioner education (including live seminars, webinars, mentoring) 

Self-employed consultant 2009 – present 

  • Independent U.S. practitioner education  (including live seminars, webinars, mentoring) 

Clinic 2013 – present 

  • Private practice 

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