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Welcome to the Clinic

In clinic I work closely with you to understand the real causes affecting your health and provide personalised, practical and effective natural health solutions that will get you back to optimal health.

My approach combines the very best of traditional knowledge, contemporary bio-medical science and clinical research.

Typically, a minimum of 2 to 3 months is required to see a meaningful change in your health and requires a minimum of 1 follow-up consultation per month.



Clinic Fees (virtual or in person)

  • Initial consultation fee $265, allow 1 hour

  • Follow-up consultations are $50, allow 20 to 30 minutes

  • Extended consultation is $100, for up to 60 minutes

  • Acute consultation is $ 35, for 15 to 20 minutes

  • Mentoring is $140 per 60 minutes

To book: Call or text Lee directly using the contact info below.

The Initial Consultation

A comprehensive review & discussion to understand your complete health picture including current health issues and medications, medical history, all body systems, lifestyle factors such as exercise, food, home life, work life etc.

This in-depth process helps us to build a detailed health picture, understand your needs and identify how we can work together to support you. Included in the cost is a comprehensive health appraisal questionnaire which you will complete at home and send to me prior to the consult. I will review the questionnaire prior to the consult. This saves time and focuses out discussion on the most important areas.

In this first consult, I aim to get to the bottom of the root cause of your current health issues, how to move forward & what it will take to get you there.


Quality Natural Medicines

For 30 years I worked with MediHerb a world leader in professional only herbal medicine, so I know a ton about superior quality & which extracts and formulations significantly effect physiological change.

All products I recommend are fully evaluated & must meet stringent standards before they are included in my own dispensary.

Each person is different, each health issue is different that’s why you need a bespoke approach to your health with one-on-one support along the way.

My unique approach combines the time honored tradition of dispensing liquid herbal extracts which allow me to create your own personalised herbal formula and the more contemporary approach of using tablets and capsules.

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