Functional Herbal Therapy Course

Functional Herbal Therapy Course

My Functional Herbal Therapy course is designed for healthcare professionals of any modality. It offers a solid foundation in the practical application of high-quality herbal therapy that addresses health issues relating to all of the body systems. Undertaking this course equips healthcare professionals with confidence for prescribing appropriate and effective herbs, and clarifies some of the challenges that arise when trying to prioritize treatment options. I explain the most pertinent aspects of each physiological category covered.  This is underpinned by current research and concepts of the human body, giving the practitioner a thorough understanding of how the selected herbs work.

There are 24 topics, called modules, to complete over a 12-month period (2 modules per month). The modules are broken down into generally four to five easily digestible videos, with a short test at the end of each.

The course is offered online, through The Society of Wellness Nutritional Systems (more information available at their site).

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