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Herbal Medicine Education

I teach herbal medicine because I want our future generations to have access to this precious knowledge!  My teachers, teachers shared this same view. I am simply continuing a tradition in my own humble way. 

Grand traditions like western herbal medicine can only survive and prosper into the future when they remain relevant and effective to the current milieu. This requires a sensitive, insightful and practical process of continuous improvement. We need to sift out the old and obsolete and usher in the new.

My approach to teaching western herbal medicine sits at the intersection between traditional herbal knowledge, contemporary bio-medical science and clinical practice. 

Help me continue our grand tradition of western herbal medicine. Enrol in one of my programs today! 

Medicinal Mushrooms

Awareness of medicinal mushrooms and their amazing health benefits is rapidly increasing. Yet for many health care professionals, the broad clinical significance and application of medicinal mushrooms remains underappreciated. For some it is a mystery. 

Are you up to date with your clinical knowledge of medicinal mushrooms? Are you curious and ready to take the next step? 

Coming Soon!

Functional Herbal Therapy

My Functional Herbal Therapy program puts you on the fast-track to a clinically relevant, thoroughly comprehensive, and practical understanding of contemporary science-based western herbal medicine. It addresses all body systems and provides guidance to address the most common health challenges and diseases.  

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