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Functional Herbal Therapy 

Are you seeking to enhance, strengthen, or complement your effectiveness as a clinician? 

Be better equipped to deal with the increasing complexity of the modern patient? 

Or simply to make your clinic more successful? 

FHT is a one-year, self-paced program delivered through 24 online modules (2 per month). Each module contains an average of five videos (around 20 minutes each), supported by print materials to facilitate and enhance clinical integration. There is a short quiz at the end of every video. 

The first two modules are your introduction to the clinical practice of WHM and the core strategies of FHT.  Each module then follows somewhat of a standardized format: 

  • Understanding the physiological system and/or the disease process 

  • Examining the perceived causes and risk factors 

  • Understanding the key herbs and their appropriate actions  

  • Developing effective and individualized treatment strategies 

  • Creating an individualized prescription 


Functional Herbal Therapy empowers healthcare professionals to change lives! 


My Functional Herbal Therapy (FHT) program puts you on the fast-track to a clinically relevant, thoroughly comprehensive, and practical understanding of contemporary science-based western herbal medicine (WHM). It addresses all body systems and offers guidance to address the most common health challenges and diseases.

The FHT program is intended for healthcare professionals of any modality. I have successfully worked with chiropractors, medical doctors, osteopaths, naturopaths, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and veterinarians.  

FHT is the distillation of my 30 years’ experience deeply immersed in the world of herbal medicine where I worked closely with Prof. Kerry Bone at MediHerb. 

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Even before completing the course, practitioners are enjoying improved patient outcomes, increased referrals, and significant growth in supplement sales. To date, over 300 practitioners have taken the FHT program.  

The FHT program is offered online, through The Society of Wellness Nutritional Systems.

Here is what some graduates are saying!


Graduate Perspectives

Brett Cain,


Lee Carroll's Functional Herbal Therapy course is a must for anyone wanting to learn more about incorporating herbal medicine into your practice. Lee's teaching style is fabulous! He is very clear and concise, and makes otherwise complex subjects very easy to follow. Each video builds upon the last, and by the time you have finished a Module, you have acquired the information you need to be useful in your clinic. I'm very glad I decided to take this course.

Five stars to Lee!

Katie Hoopes,


This is an exceptional course and I believe that anyone who has a background in holistic care should take this course. Truly an enjoyment for this nerd! I love the information, thanks again for all the wonderful work.  

Robert Steven Hoopes,


FHT is great for the first time learner, especially with all the wonderful references. This course also greatly supports the 40+ year clinicians whom, are not only trying to bridge the biochemical gaps for the patients presenting on Monday mornings, but also for our families personal health issues as well. The course is well suited on many levels and hopefully will increase the inter professionalism required to help all.  

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