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Integrating Medicinal Mushrooms

My Latest Online Program. Coming Soon! 

Integrating Medicinal Mushrooms into Clinical Practice

Awareness of medicinal mushrooms and their amazing health benefits is rapidly increasing. Yet for many health care professionals, the broad clinical significance and application of medicinal mushrooms remains underappreciated. For some it is a mystery. 

Are you up to date with your clinical knowledge of medicinal mushrooms? Are you curious and ready to take the next step?  

Don’t be a mycophobe!  Enhance your clinical 

effectiveness with my self-paced, online program. 

Integrating Medicinal Mushrooms into Clinical Practice, takes you on a clinically relevant educational journey, discussing, reviewing and exploring ten key medicinal mushrooms and how to integrate them into your clinical practice. 

















Topics include: 

  • Understanding to broad scope of mushroom's medicinal properties 

  • Medicinal mushroom quality  

  • In-depth discussion of ten key medicinal mushrooms focussing on traditional knowledge, science-based research and clinical application. Medicinal mushrooms included are cordyceps, lion’s mane, reishi, maitake, shiitake, chaga, tremella, oyster, turkey tail and poria 

  • Integrating mushrooms into a clinical setting 

  • Mushrooms as tonics  

  • Mushrooms and the immune system, including, Immunological effects of mushrooms, understanding the new science of trained innate immunity, how the endocannabinoid system is involved 

  • Mushrooms and covid  

  • Mushrooms and cancer  

  • Mushrooms, metabolic health and cholesterol metabolism 

  • Mushrooms for gut health 

  • Mushrooms and nervous system support 


iStock-cordyceps in jar.jpg

What you will learn: 

  • How mushrooms exert their positive influences over human health 

  • How to assess mushroom quality 

  • In-depth understanding of ten key medicinal mushrooms 

  • How to integrate medicinal mushrooms into a clinical setting 

  • How to combine medicinal mushrooms and herbs 

  • And more!


How you will learn: 

My self-paced, online program, offers eight hours of program content and is delivered by video and supported with audio and text. 



Supporting documents provided: 

  • Notes for each video 

  • Monographs for each of the ten key mushrooms presented 

  • Synergistic mushroom / Herb combinations for all conditions discussed 

  • Patient handouts 

  • Understanding medicinal mushrooms 

  • One document for each of the ten Medicinal Mushrooms presented 

  • Therapeutic mushroom-based recipes in both written and video format 

  • Access to me to answer your questions via email 

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